Ziggli is the world's most unique secure messaging platform. Ziggli sends encrypted messages and photos that can only be read by designated recipients. Messages are not stored on the server, and are encrypted before they leave your phone. To read the encrypted messages, the recipient simply places the Ziggli tag, or any paired Bluetooth LE device near the phone to decode and read the message. The Ziggli app is available on both iOS and Android, and works with virtually all Bluetooth LE consumer products such as: the Pebble Watch, Nike Fuelband, and Tile, along with NFC tags.

Ziggli Features

Relax knowing that the next time you send a private text message it will be secure and only presented to the person intended to see it! Ziggli uses a patent-pending system to encrypt text and photos sent via it's messaging application.

Easy Security

Forget typing in passwords to read secure messages. Ziggli makes it easy to view encrypted photos and messages. Messages are stored on the phone encrypted, and only temporarily decrypted for viewing when device is within the range you specify.

Additional Message Features

Messages can be designated to be readable only during a certain time window. You can also mark messages to be read only within a certain radius of a geographic coordinate. Recalling or deleting any previously sent message or photo is easy, or you can choose to have messages auto-delete after a specified number of reads, or on a specific date/time.

Easy to Use

Pair with your favorite Bluetooth LE watch, wristband, or tag. When you're holding the phone, you can read the messages. When you put the phone down and walk away, the messages are secure. You select the range. You can also use different paired devices for different friends.

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Ziggli will be rolling out to a limited number of beta testers on October 31st, 2014. To apply for beta testing, please fill out the form below and we will contact you.

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Press inquiries and/or general questions may be directed to: info@ziggi.com